PMOCREP [2013]

for 3 performers and electronics

In PMOCREP, I work to reveal the seems of a concert experience and weave them into an engaging musical experience. The seems of a traditional concert performance are the perceivable idiosyncrasies of a performance that the audience is trained to not pay attention to: the purely functional role of the page turner and their strange presence on stage, the automated applause and the unnatural structure formed through cultivated expectation, the functional/mechanical byproduct sounds of an instrument (i.e. a flute’s metallic key clicking, a piano’s pedal mechanism), and the very present sound of a performer’s shoes moving about the stage. In performance I set up an ordinary performance structure, a flutist with accompanist and page turner in a small recital hall with audience, controlling these ‘seem materials’ and giving them a theatrical presence. I stationed microphones on each byproduct sound, recording, processing and cueing them in real time to creating an uncanny performance experience comprised of theater, composition, improvisation, and audience engagement.